The Advisory Panel on
Astrological Education

Astrology in the United Kingdom – Strength in Diversity

The Advisory Panel on Astrological Education (APAE) was formed in 1980. It is an independent non-profit making body constituted by the major Astrological organisations and teaching bodies in the United Kingdom.

It is an unique forum where the diverse elements of UK Astrology come together and discuss current issues. Appreciation of different approaches has lead to creative ways of assessing standards and assisting the move astrology has made into higher education in the UK via the Sophia Project. Please click on the Aims page for further information.

The APAE cannot advise individuals on particular courses to take or on individuals to go to for astrological consultations.

For more information on courses available in your area and on the various schools offering astrology courses you are advised to contact the APAE Secretary, Angela Cornish: