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The Advisory Panel on Astrological Education

Founded 06 September 1980, London, 17:35

The Advisory Panel on Astrological Education (APAE) is an independent non-profit making body constituted by the major Astrological Organisations and Teaching Bodies in the United Kingdom. The APAE recognises the richness and diversity of astrological tradition and practice, and membership is, therefore, open to schools or organisations teaching all recognised branches of astrology.

The Advisory Panel of Astrological Education (APAE) was founded to ensure that schools and organisations in the United Kingdom monitor and safeguard standards in teaching of astrology in the United Kingdom. Appreciation of different approaches has lead to creative ways of assessing standards and assisting the move astrology has made into higher education in the UK via the Sophia Project.

Our mission is that members of the APAE create, maintain, and encourage quality astrological education to students and event attendees in all branches of astrology, to establish and uphold a set of standards and procedures which safeguard the interests of students engaged in courses of study or other educational activities provided by member organisations and schools.

Our goal is to encourage and to self-regulate astrological teaching in the diverse elements within the astrological community by ensuring a high standard of educational practices are met and to assist astrologers wishing to teach and advise educational authorities on astrological education, to provide a forum for discussion on current issues and to promote the progression of astrological education.

Our vision is to provide a forum for discussion in establishing and improving criteria for any proposed national or international registration of professional qualifications for astrologers and astrological education.

Our philosophy is to uphold professionalism and quality in astrological education to students and the general public, to encourage respect, diversity and inclusivity in the field of astrology.

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