Mayo School of Astrology

Online and Distance Learning Certificate and Diploma courses and Online seminars/Webinars for students and the general public. The school prides itself on offering various pathways to learning.Students can learn by structured online classes or enrol for distance learning whereby students can enrol at any time of the year.

The Mayo School, founded by Jeff Mayo, in 1973 offers high standard basic and advanced distance learning/ correspondence and online Certificate and Diploma Courses to students around the globe. It was the first UK astrology school to offer online and interactive classes from 2009 and the first to offer hybrid conferences in 2017.

The course design is visual and contemporary and is structured to provide students with sound practical methods and a broad syllabus in astrological application and interpretation. The school has tutors and students around the world and offers courses at highly competitive prices. The Mayo School also offers students the opportunity to graduate in either Natal or Mundane Astrology – or both.

For further information, see the website www.mayoastrology.com.

Chart details: 09 June 1973, 20.56 Shipley, England (12 Sag 34 rising)

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