School of Esoteric Astrology

The college was established on 21st September 2006 at 11am BST in Wembley, Middlesex. The School of Esoteric Astrology teaches a diploma course integrating astrology with spiritual/esoteric wisdom, meditation and complementary-alternative medicine such as herbalism, homoeopathy & healing. Other topic areas include general and dynamic astrology, astronomy for astrologers, prenatal astrology, astrocartography, medical astrology, sidereal astrology, rectification techniques and so on. A particular focus is on astrosophia (anthroposophical and theosophical philosophy and astronomy).

Course length is three-year with 10 two-day attendance classes per year (currently scheduled on Thursday and Friday). A new intake of students occurs every three years; the next intake is planned for September 2021 and thereafter for September 2024. The current annual course fee is £1600 per year, which may be paid by instalments. College premises are in Willesden, northwest London. The college Principal Dr. Yubraj Sharma is a medical doctor who practices homoeopathy, herbalism, acupuncture and many other healing modalities. He also runs a separate homeopathy course (School of Shamanic Homoeopathy) and herbalism course (School of Shamanic Herbalism), which provides further training routes for graduates of the astrology course. Queries and application can be addressed to Dr Yubraj Sharma.

Dr. Yubraj Sharma
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Tel: 020 8459 2373