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Founded by Deborah Houlding in 1996, and initially specialising only in horary astrology, the school is now the collaborative product of some of the world’s finest astrologers working together to create an expanding syllabus of courses. Currently, the STA offers training in horary astrology (in English, Chinese and Greek), electional astrology, medical astrology, astronomy, and astrological magic.

Branch of astrology
The School of Traditional Astrology places its focus on tried-and-tested astrological techniques, based on profound metaphysical principles, which have proven their worth over centuries of successful practical application. The techniques we teach in our program have wide applicability across all branches of astrology.

Our online courses are delivered on a weekly basis, through a combination of supplied course notes, modern media presentations, online tutorials and set assignments. Each student studies at their own pace and in their own time, but always with easy access to guidance and support from the tutors, and with the benefit of supplementary study-group discussion. Each course has its own unique structure, and our website has the most up-to-date information about delivery methodologies.

Admission Requirements
Admission requirements vary from course to course, with our horary program being a key pre-requisite for later study in our medical and advanced horary programs. Our programs are not suitable for students who are inexperienced in casting charts or just beginning to gain an understanding of astrology. Participants must have a good, solid understanding of general astrological principles, including an easy familiarity with the main symbolic and theoretical principles of planets, signs, houses, aspects and transits.

Enrolment periods and dates
See website for details enrolment information

Student base
Since 1996 STA courses have been delivered both online and at venues in Australia, Bali, Canada, England, France, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Scotland, Tasmania and the USA. Our courses have been translated into Chinese, Dutch and Greek, with more language programs currently in development. Our student base is diverse and international.

Further Information
The principles taught in our horary course provide a firm foundation for the study of many other uses of astrology, including natal and medical astrology, commencement and electional charts, and mundane astrology. As a qualified horary practitioner you will be well prepared to undertake further studies on these topics, and will also receive access to our private STA Graduates Forum. This secure site was set up in response to the desire of our delegates to keep in touch with each other. It allows qualified astrologers to share experiences, and benefit from the group collaboration of other practitioners and professionals, safe in the knowledge that client charts can be discussed among colleagues without public exposure of points requiring confidentiality.

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