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Founded in London on the 7th June 1948 at 19.50 BST
The Faculty is renowned for its world-famous Foundation and Diploma-level 1 and II Modules, made accessible through various methods of study, leading to the prestigious Diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies which enables the successful student to use the letters DFAstrolS after their name. Students can choose from attending London Classes, enrolling in Distance Learning via Email, engaging in interactive Online Classes, and completing full- or part-modules (as offered) at Summer School. Students have the flexibility to move between these different modes of study throughout the Foundation and Diploma courses.

Branch of astrology
Psychologically oriented, modern western astrology

The Foundation course is designed for complete newcomers to astrology as well as those who wish to consolidate their previous knowledge and reading within a structured course. It consists of three modules at the end of which students may take the Certificate Examination.

The aim of the Diploma Level One is to extend and deepen the student’s interpretation skills. They are encouraged to develop an imaginative and sensitive approach to chart interpretation and to address the ethics of good practice. They are introduced to the most commonly used forecasting techniques, and learn to interpret a natal chart as it develops over time, incorporating transits, solar returns, secondary progressions and solar arc directions into an integrated natal chart interpretation. During Level One studies the student develops their reading and ideas about astrology’s place in the world as a system of thought, and its relationship to philosophy, psychology, literature, religion, science and the mystery traditions. At the end of the three modules at this level, the student is eligible to take the Intermediate Examination.

At Diploma Level Two, the student is encouraged to broaden their vision to encompass relationships of all kinds. Interpersonal relationships are explored in Module 7, as we take a journey into the more intimate layers of self and other. Then in Module 8, we turn our focus towards the relationship between the individual and the wider world, both in terms of terrestrial location, and collective or historical context. Module 9 represents the culmination of the Diploma Level training, preparing for professional practice through the development of astrological consultancy skills. Once these three levels have been completed the student is eligible to take the Advanced Examination and, if successful in this examination, will be awarded the Diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies.

London Classes
The Faculty’s London Classes are held each academic year at a venue in Central London, which is easily accessible from most parts of the UK and continental Europe. Many students choose to study at live classes because it offers the opportunity to meet like-minded people and to learn from the experiences and examples of other students. With all of our modules available as weekend seminars, you don’t have to live in London to take advantage of live tuition. Each year there is a choice of two Foundation classes beginning in October. Classes are held on Monday evenings (10 classes) or Saturdays (4 Saturdays), with a full range of Diploma courses on offer. In addition to the class tuition and the full support of your tutor, you will have access to written course material through the Faculty’s Online Learning Environment. This valuable resource supports the work covered in class, and your engagement with the articles will deepen your understanding of each subject as you progress.
London Classes – Faculty of Astrological Studies (astrology.org.uk)

Online Classes
Studying with us via our online classes allows you to connect in real time to experienced Faculty tutors and to a small group of fellow students, whilst still giving you the freedom to study from home. The online classroom is a great way to connect, learn the art of astrology, and make friends with other students from around the world. In addition to the weekly online classes, you will have access to extensive written course material which accompanies and supports each module. This material can be downloaded from our private online site. The course tutors will give instructions each week for reading from this course material, along with small amounts of home study to do in preparation for the following week’s class. You should allow about 2 hours per week to complete this, in your own time. Engaging with the course material is also a useful way of consolidating your learning and perfect for catching up if you have to miss a class.

Distance Learning via eMail
Conducted by email, studying with the Faculty via Distance Learning offers you the freedom to enjoy a flexible study schedule to fit around your own life situation. You will be asked to submit a series of exercises to a tutor and will receive detailed, written feedback on each exercise. While the number of exercises varies between Modules, you can expect to spend perhaps 4-5 hours per week working on them. Your tutor will usually send their feedback on your exercises within three to four working days, and certainly within two weeks, offering general and specific feedback, as well as personal insights and ideas for further reading or alternative approaches. In this way, you are fully supported and encouraged to gradually develop your astrological understanding.
When you enrol, you will be given access to the Faculty’s Online Learning Environment (OLE) which stores all the course material and exercises for each module, and gives you access to the student forums, where you have the opportunity to communicate with other Faculty students from all over the world. The beauty of Distance Learning via eMail is that is allows you to fit study in around your other commitments and there is no requirement to commit to specific days and times. Yet should your circumstances change, you can enrol on your next module in London Classes (easily accessible from the UK and continental Europe) or in Online Classes. Some modules are also made available at the Faculty’s annual Summer School, held each year at a college of the University of Oxford. Once you begin a module in one method of study, you are expected to complete it in that method before switching to another.

Summer School
Some of the modules are taught each year at our annual summer school in Exeter College, Oxford. Here you can study the module with a tutor in a class with other students in a stunning environment. Students taking modules in this mode will complete the module in five full days.

In addition, we run a range of Online Seminars which are open to all. These courses provide additional teaching to registered Faculty students as well as offering a way to engage with the Faculty on a more casual basis – perfect for those who do not want to commit to study a whole Module.
Online Seminars – Faculty of Astrological Studies (astrology.org.uk)

Admission Requirements
The Foundation course is designed for complete newcomers to astrology as well as those who wish to consolidate their previous knowledge and reading within a structured course. Students are not required to take examinations in order to progress through the modules.

Enrolment periods and dates
Students can enrol on Distance Learning via eMail at any time. The Foundation Course in online classes is run three times a year with Module 1 being run in September, January and April. Modules 2 and 3 follow on the next term. London Classes follow the academic year with Modules 1, 4 and 7 being run in September, Module 2, 5 and 8 in January and 3, 6 and 9 in April.

Summer School in Oxford is held in August of each year.

Student base
International. Distance Learning via eMail and online classes, currently run at different times to suit different time zones, enable students from all over the world to study with the Faculty and gain the Diploma.

Further Information
The Faculty of Astrological Studies is a well-established and highly respected teaching body in astrology and is proud to have as its patrons Liz Greene, Melanie Reinhart, Rob Hand, Julia Parker and Clare Martin.

The Faculty’s Foundation and Diploma courses offer a comprehensive and professional training with optional examinations. The modular structure of the courses allows you to study at your own pace and makes this a highly accessible course to suit anyone who wishes to learn the art and craft of astrology. You are also welcome to take individual modules in order to learn a new technique or simply to develop your interpretation skills.

Courses are available through online classes and workshops, by classes in London and also via Distance Learning from anywhere in the world. Our annual Summer School in Oxford attracts students at all levels from around the world. All of our regular tutors are holders of the Faculty’s Diploma, and our guest tutors are some of the most prominent and experienced astrologers from across the world. We also offer a rich programme of seminars which are open to everyone. Many topics directly support the material of the Faculty course modules, making them ideal for Faculty students. However, no previous affiliation with the Faculty is required in order to enrol.

Our aim is to make the experience of learning astrology enjoyable and richly rewarding, and to provide our students with the knowledge and skills to use astrology with confidence. Many of our students take the courses purely for the pleasure of learning and to discover more about themselves and their place in the world – others wish to develop a career as an astrologer or use astrology in parallel with another practice, such as counselling, psychotherapy or complementary medicine, or as the inspiration for a creative endeavour. To this end, our focus is on the development of sound astrological skills within a framework of ethical practice and increased self-understanding through personal chart work.

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