The college was set up in 2002 to provide a high level of astrological education; and to help you work safely and ethically with clients. Giving a solid grounding in the astronomical basis of astrology has also always been important to us.

Branch of astrology
Mainstream astrology following the western tradition using ancient and modern interpretation techniques.

Correspondence Courses
Work at your own pace in your own time with one to one tutor support. You can work by email or post.  Note, however, that tuition periods are limited.  You receive comprehensive course material for the course or module you enrol on.

Online Classes
These are being developed and will be announced on our website.  They will operate in a similar way to our correspondence courses.

The details about our courses below are brief. Please see our website for more detailed information on course content.

The Taster Course
If you know nothing about astrology, but are curious, enrol on this course and see if it appeals to you.

The Foundation Course
Learn the fundamentals of Birth Chart interpretation and analysis.  We encourage taking a methodical approach to start with, as it takes time to develop intuition.  Learn  some astronomy about the Solar System and planetary motion.  Find out how to calculate a Birth Chart and start to make use of computer calculation software.    

Diploma Course
We bring in other interpretation techniques to add to your astrological tool box.  Learn about the 3 main methods of forecasting in common use, and how to use them effectively.  Discover the astronomical basis of house systems and solar and lunar cycles in more depth.  We also cover the history of astrology, the problems of calendar changes in the past, and mundane (global) astrology.

Length of Courses  
The tuition period for the Taster Course is 4 months, and includes 6 lessons and exercises.  The Foundation Course is in 3 Modules and each module, on average, contains 9 – 10 lessons and exercises.  The tuition period for each module is 6 months.  There are 5 Modules in the Diploma Course, and again the tuition period for each module is 6 months. The modules contain about the same number of lessons and exercises as those in the Foundation Course.

Admission Requirements
All you need is an ability to write and express yourself in English, and to use basic numeracy skills.  For the Diploma Course, unless you have completed the Foundation Course, fill in our questionnaire giving your astrological experience to date.  We will then decide which module will suit you best to start studying with us.

Enrolment periods and dates
Enrol on our correspondence courses at any time.

Student base
Learn with us from anywhere in the world.

Astrologycollege.com was set up as a company limited by guarantee (non-profit making) on 14 August, 2002, at 00.00 hours BST, Cardiff, Wales.

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