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The Association of Professional Astrologers International

The APAI is a professional body representing qualified astrologers to both the Media and the Public. It was set up in 1990 to ensure that practising astrologers maintain the highest standards possible in all dealings with clients, and to refrain from behaviour likely to bring astrology or the Association into disrepute.

To qualify for membership, members have to have received a Diploma from a list of accredited schools. Qualifying members sign a Code of Ethics to ensure the public are able to receive a safe, reliable, confidential service and to help protect the public from astrological malpractice. The Association provides the media with the opportunity to contact experienced, qualified astrologers when astrological coverage of an event or any other matter is required.

Once a member is accepted by the APAI they are entitled to use the initials MAPAI on their advertising or promotional literature thereby denoting to the public they are accredited astrologers. After ten years continuous membership, a member can apply to use the initials FAPAI signifying they are a Fellow of the Association. 

The Association promotes its members through a dedicated website and on Facebook. It also offers a mentorship scheme for newly qualified astrologers. We also arrange meetings whereby astrologers can discuss any issues arising from their practice or, simply to meet with other professional astrologers. A quarterly Newsletter is produced to help keep astrologers up to date.

A Consultants List is maintained on the APAI’s website and the Association advertises in related journals on behalf of its members. 

The Association also undertakes to support members in situations where they may be experiencing difficulty, hostility or legal pressure from either the public or the media. Although UK based, the APAI has members worldwide, including Europe, Middle East and the USA. The APAI is constantly expanding its links with other professional astrological organisations throughout the world.

For more information please contact Sharon Knight Chair APAI – astrologersharon@aol.com

Or Angela Cornish Secretary APAI – angelacornish@yahoo.co.uk

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