White Eagle Lodge

The White Eagle School of Astrology
New Lands, Brewells Lane, Liss, Hampshire GU33 7HY, UK.
Telephone (+44) (0)1730 893300, fax (+44) (0)1730 892235
email: astrology@whiteagle.org
website: www.whiteagleastrology.org

The White Eagle School of Astrology originally grew out of the work of the White Eagle Lodge, a non¬denominational Christian religious and spiritual organization founded in 1936 by the medium Grace Cooke and her husband lvan. White Eagle was the name by which Grace’s guide and teacher was known. Grace’s daughter Joan Hodgson noticed the many astrological references in his teaching and his attribution of great importance to the science of astrology, and determined to study it for herself. This led in the late thirties to her beginning to offer a horoscope service to White Eagle Lodge members and then to the holding of classes in astrology. In 1941 she compiled from her notes the first beginners’ correspondence course, which (with regular updates to the material) has been running ever since. In the late forties she was a founder member of the Faculty of Astrological Studies and became one of their first Diploma holders. In the early 1970s Joan wrote a Diploma course to follow the Beginners’, but it was in the spring of 1976 at the first astrological conference held by the White Eagle Lodge that the astrological side of the Lodge work was consolidated into an official school.

Not surprisingly the approach of the School is predominantly esoteric, but it does not lack practicality or common sense. It re-establishes a connection between astrology and spirituality which many potential astrology students, and others, are seeking today.

The School runs three correspondence courses. The Beginners’ and Preparatory courses lead to a certificate qualification. The Advanced course leads to a diploma qualification. Some ‘live’ teaching also takes place at the School’s headquarters, including an annual conference and occasional residential intensive courses, but these complement rather than replace the correspondence courses. The live courses and Beginners’ and Preparatory courses are open to all; admission to the Advanced course depends on the prior attainment of the certificate qualification. For further information contact the School (details above) or visit www.whiteagleastrology.org