The London School of Astrology (LSA)

At The London School of Astrology, we teach astrology in a stimulating, fun and interactive environment. Launched in 2000 by Sue Tompkins and now run by Frank Clifford, the LSA is at the forefront of creating the astrologers, media writers and consultants of tomorrow.

Our accredited courses are designed to help students develop confidence in interpretation and forecasting, and they are taught by some of the UK’s top, award-winning professional astrologers.

We’re unique in that we offer additional support and guidance every step of the way. We provide students with a range of course books, recordings and articles, and a Student Card for book discounts from various shops.
Office tel: 020 8402 7772 or 0700 233 44 55
Address: BCM Planets, London WC1N 3XX
Teaching venue: Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

Year 1: Our Foundation Course
Learn the tools and ‘language’ of Astrology: the zodiac signs, planets, aspects and houses; work on your own chart and horoscopes of people in the news, and start to synthesize major chart themes. Suitable for newcomers or those wishing to refresh their knowledge or fill in the gaps, this popular course provides a firm grounding of astrological principles.

Years 2 and 3: Our Diploma Course
Develop your skills and become fluent in interpretation and forecasting. You’ll learn essential tools for today’s working astrologer: Locational, Electional, Vocational, Mundane, Horary, Synastry, ethics and consultancy with live client sessions. And you’ll gain a working knowledge of forecasting methods: transits, directions, progressions, returns, the Huber Clock and Lunar Gestation Cycle. Year 3 is our Apprenticeship Programme, a year of practical, professional support in a course designed to help you broaden your skills and scope as an apprentice astrologer.

We offer Certificate exams every year, and those wishing to study for our internationally recognized Diploma can create one that reflects their own astrological interests.

10-week Courses and Special Events
We offer comprehensive beginners’ courses in Tarot, Palmistry, Graphology. Other events include our annual weekend Astrology Student Conference, and springtime courses at the picturesque Abbey House in Glastonbury.