School of Traditional Astrology (STA)

Founded by Deborah Houlding, the School of Traditional Astrology (STA) mainly specialises in the training of horary astrology practitioners. Its educational focus is the integration of traditional astrological teachings within contemporary astrological practice, and from time to time the school also organises seminars and events on the broader aspects of traditional astrological practice and technique. 

The STA currently offers two accredited horary courses: the Practitioner’s Level Horary Certificate Course, and the Master’s Level Horary Diploma Course.

Practitioner’s Level Horary Certificate Course
This course is suitable for any astrologer who has a good, solid understanding of basic astrological principles, and who is looking to develop a confident approach to horary practice.  The course offers detailed explanation of horary’s philosophical principles and practical techniques, and qualifies the student to ‘practitioner level’, allowing astrologers who are experienced enough to have already embarked on a professional practice of astrology to integrate this branch of astrology into their practice, should they wish. It also acts as a requisite for anyone wishing to embark on the very advanced level of horary study offered by the STA Master’s Level Horary Diploma.

This course is delivered through attendance at classes, residential intensives or interactive online presentations. (Since 1996 residential intensives have been held at venues as far afield as Australia, Bali, England, France, Hawaii, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Scotland and Tasmania). It is currently available in English and Dutch, and will shortly be available in a Chinese-language course, offered at Hong Kong. Details of upcoming courses are available at

STA Master’s Level Horary Diploma Course
The STA also offers an advanced Master’s Level accreditation for tutors and astrologers specialising in horary astrology through a three-year correspondence course which leads to the astrological qualification STA DipH. The syllabus of the STA Master’s Level Horary Course is designed for astrologers looking to develop their theoretical knowledge and philosophical understanding of horary to a level of excellence. Primarily it is aimed at those who wish to specialise in this subject, and who wish to feel confidently qualified to practice traditional techniques, and to teach, write or lecture on horary to other students.

Our Vision
The aim of the STA is to facilitate greater understanding and respect for the philosophy and practice of horary astrology, support the development of horary practitioners to their full potential, and ensure the historical transmission of astrology as a line of continuation between past, present and future practitioners.

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