Qualifying Horary Practitioner (QHP)

The Qualifying Horary Practitioner (QHP) is a correspondence course devised by Olivia Barclay in 1984. The QHP was the first of its kind to teach traditional methods, as practised by the great seventeenth century astrologer William Lilly. The QHP has been a member of the Advisory Panel for Astrological Education (APAE) for over 25 years. The QHP is an advanced and rewarding course, with students world-wide. The focus is practical rather than philosophical. Instead of seeking to change or modify the astrological doctrine handed down by our ancestors, or denying that astrology is about prediction, an attempt is made to identify and analyse the most worthwhile tools and techniques.

The QHP is divided into two: The Certificate is a one year course of 6 Lessons covering basic methodology. A QHP Certificate holder is entitled to use the initials QHP (Cert). The Diploma is a two year course of 10 Lessons. Traditional astrological doctrine is used in a practical way in order to answer a variety of questions connected to relationships, finance, health, pregnancy, property, sport and career. In the final Lesson, students are asked to make an accurate, verifiable prediction. This, together with continual assessment, replaces a final examination. Upon graduation the student becomes a Qualified Horary Practitioner at Diploma level QHP (Dip) and eligible to join the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI).

All QHP details regularly updated and posted on my website bdunnastrologer.co.uk or please email bdunnastrologer@icloud.com

About the Principal: Barbara Dunn
An expert in traditional astrological doctrine, Barbara is also an author, teacher and researcher. Barbara’s fourth book, Horary Astrology Re-Examined: The Possibility or Impossibility of the Matter Propounded is the definitive textbook on traditional astrology, more than five hundred pages in length. This book, together with The Qualifying Horary Practitioner (QHP), is highly recommended by Robert Hand “for serious students of astrology”. Prior to her astrological life, Barbara was a postgraduate at the London School of Economics, working towards a DPhil. In 2014 Barbara returned to university at Exeter, where she graduated in 2016 with an MA in History with distinction. Barbara is currently a Wellcome Trust funded doctoral student researching the “prognosticall part of physick” in early modern England. Also a well-known media astrologer, Barbara has written for a number of national and international titles, including The SunSunday MirrorCosmopolitanWoman’s Own and New Woman.