Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA)

The Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA) offers a professional online training course in psychological astrology. The aim of MISPA is to provide a high standard of tuition in psychological astrology so that the astrological chart can be sensitively interpreted using modern psychological thought. All our tutors have worked as practicing astrologers, teachers and consultants for many years.

MIPSA offers a Certificate and Diploma course of two years, split into a first year of set classes which teach the core themes and skills of psychological astrology, and a second year where students will attend webinars on a variety of topics exploring different avenues of psychological astrology, counselling skills and other techniques to help them provide better astrological consultations. 

The course is run as real-time online tutorials where students can interact with the tutor and other students, ask questions and watch the recorded sessions if they miss them or wish to revisit them. The Diploma exam is available to those who have completed the Certificate course. Our webinars are also open to non-students.

MISPA was founded in 2015 by John Green with friends and colleagues from the CPA in order to develop a new and exciting Diploma course in psychological astrology.

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